Mini Vacation

I enjoy writing inspirational poems and this one was sparked after I recently spent an afternoon digitizing old photos for safe keeping. I believe there are benefits to taking mini vacations down memory lane because they can be used to bring peace, calm, and cheerfulness as we step ahead.

Step Ahead

Recently, I’ve been digitizing old pictures so they can be organized and safely archived. At times, this seems like taking a mini-vacation and it sparks a poem. The pictures were taken on a trip my wife and I took to Lake Tahoe in the early 1990’s.

Lake Tahoe

Water so deep;
Trees that surround;
The water so blue;
As we go around.

Lake Tahoe

The ripple of the waves;
Across this vast lake.
Riding in a boat;
Pictures to take.

Lake Tahoe

The mountains are rugged;
Snow-capped up so high.
Perfectly clear blue water
Didn’t want to say good- bye.

But looking back on the memories;
A trip to memory lane today;
Remembering amazing places;
The beauty of Creation on display.

Brings to me a cheerfulness
For what life may bring my way.
Prepared to always step ahead
With faith for every day.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-20-2016

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2 Responses to Mini Vacation

  1. +2 says:

    Beautiful! God makes some great scenes, doesn’t He? 🙂


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