The Power of Prayer

In Acts 12:1-19, King Herod arrested some who belonged to the church in order to persecute them. James was put to death with the sword and Peter was put in prison. When the church heard what had happened, they started praying.

Even though many guards were used to make sure Peter could not getaway and he was bound with two chains, an angel of the Lord helped Peter escape. At first, Peter thought he was having a dream as the angel told Peter to get up and follow but when they got far enough away, the angel disappeared and Peter knew the event was not a dream.

Peter then went to where the believers were praying for him. He knocked on the door but the believers did not let Peter in at first because they could not believe it was Peter. Finally they let him in and Peter explains what had happened. He then goes to another place for his safety.

The next day, Herod searched for Peter but could not find him. After cross-examination of the guards, Herod came to the conclusion that the guards had let Peter go so He executed all the guards.

Noted in this passage is the power of prayer. With God, we can passionately believe in what we are doing, let nothing hold us up in our work, and know that one day at a time the impossible will become possible. The power of God to answer our prayer is greater than anyone or anything on earth. Let us expect great things because God is with us and all things are possible.

This day with You Lord, we expect great things to happen because You are with us always and You are setting things up for our prayers to be answered. When we pray, we know that we are in conversation with the ONE who has all the answers to our questions. It is through You Lord that all things are possible. Amen!

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