He Accepts All

God gives Cornelius instructions through an Angel and prepares Peter for his future association with Gentiles through a vision.  These men of faith took action to fulfill God’s purpose.  In Acts 10:34-48 are listed facts that Peter wants Cornelius to know about Jesus Christ:

  • God appointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power
  • He did good and healed
  • He was killed on a cross
  • God raised Him from death on the third day

To receive forgiveness of sins and victory over death, one must believe in these facts. Even though the old religious law of Jew associating with Gentile was being broken, Peter was prepared from the vision to understand that God accepts all people and he was ready to preach to the Gentiles about Jesus.

To show His approval with the preaching of Peter and the faith of Cornelius, God pours out the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles. Today’s passage affirms that everyone has tremendous value in God’s eyes. Lord, we are thankful that You have made us all for a purpose. Let us celebrate our differences and learn from each other. Let us not be pushy but patiently listen with the attitude that You are accepting of all because of Jesus. Amen!

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