He is Faithful and Just

The mood of Psalm 6 from verse 1 through verse 7 is one of distress. David is in spiritual, physical, and moral agony but starting in verse 8, the mood turns from despair to hope because of his confession before God and his personal plea for help.

He was in a sad situation; suffering from the way he had been living. David’s seduction of Bathsheba, the wife of one of his great military men was a terrible sin. David then tried to cover this sin by having Bathsheba’s husband murdered. This all took its toll on David’s life.

There are difficulties we all face in live. Health issues we face or a family member faces, a rough day at work, or constant challenges at work or family life. But like in David’s situation when we face difficult days and hand them over to God, that’s when His true power takes over.

David speaks with such assurance that his life would turn around because of his confession and his faith in God’s mercy. This day with You Lord, let us take the opportunity just like David did to turn things around. Lord, we have done wrong in our past so today we confess our sins and wish to grow our faith. We can fortify our faith by attending a church service, small group, or reading/writing a blog. Lord, we pray that faith gained today will pull us through tomorrow so we can step ahead into the rest of the week. Amen!

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