Through It All

While studying Genesis 34 in my devotional a while back, the thought that came to mind about how Jacob was able to think ahead in order to handle the situation with his daughter Dinah in a civil way. He resisted the temptation to physically harm the man that had defiled her. This poem was by how Jacob handled the situation.

Step Ahead

We all face situations
At work or the house
In which we react
With a negative rouse.

But we should think it out,
Pray for directions
And seek a way out
Of all bad situations.

The best way out
Is always through it.
One step at a time,
Never thinking to quit.

Go to God in prayer;
Share all the pains;
Ask for the best way;
Know that He reigns.

He helps plan the right things
For an amazing day
And the day runs smoother
When we follow His way.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 11-05-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 34
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