Getting in a Position to See Jesus

In reading Luke 19:1-10, we learn that Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus as He entered into Jericho. Zacchaeus was big as far as wealth but a little man in stature so he climbed a tree to get a good view. Many in our world today think they are something big but may be spiritually small. The problem is that they have no desire to do anything to get a better view of who Jesus is.

Jesus was interested in being a friend with Zacchaeus when most people didn’t want to be around him and this caused the people to criticize Jesus for hanging around a person like Zacchaeus who was a wealthy tax collector. Jesus told Zacchaeus to come down from the tree and Zacchaeus followed the instructions.

Jesus’ friendship and influence upon Zacchaeus prompts a life change. He told Jesus he was giving half his possessions to the poor and would pay back four times the amount if he had cheated anyone out of anything. Like Zacchaeus who took the initiative to find Jesus, do what He says, and change his ways, we all need to make sure we are in a better position to see Jesus and change the negatives that keep us off track.

Think about it; Jesus has already taken action by giving pre-emptive grace to us all. Like He did with Zacchaeus, He has told us He wants to be our friend. He knows our name, our history, and our baggage. He’s ready to spend time with each of us and change us. The One who seeks and saves wants to come inside and we need to be ready to welcome Him in. 

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