Act Kind and Receive Kindness in Return

One of the Pharisees invited Jesus over to eat with him in Luke 11:37-54. It seems like a nice jester at first but immediately the Pharisee starts trying to find fault with Jesus. He was surprised when Jesus did not wash before the meal (v. 37). Jesus then teaches about the importance of our inner life rather than our projected image on the outside.

The first three woes pronounced on the Pharisees were having the wrong priorities, too much pride, and hypocrisy. There were many noticeable problems in society back in those days and they continue in our times today. The best way to manage our problems is with the use of the unseen inner qualities. If each of us had an inner life that matched our projected image, then neighbor would help neighbor with acts of kindness everywhere.

Then Jesus pronounces these three woes on the Pharisees because they had added burdensome regulations that they made others follow but didn’t follow themselves. Jesus also stated that the Pharisees built elaborate tombs to honor prophets of old who were murdered by their ancestors and were continuing to murder prophets of their day. Another reason for Jesus pronouncing the woes on the Pharisees was that they hindered instead of helped people come to God.

Jesus was condemning them for putting too much into their outer image rather than their inner soul. In today’s times, we too put so much time into making sure we look nice on the outside; our houses, cars, clothing, and on things that everyone is desiring.

This day with God, let’s remember that what we make happen for others will be given back to us so give a smile and a smile will be given back; act kind and receive kindness from others. Lord, we ask that we remove the obstacles instead of creating more obstacles. Help us today to be kind to others and accept others as they are. In Jesus name. Amen!

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