Joseph Reveals His Identity

Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers in Genesis 45. He told them not to be afraid for selling him into slavery many years ago. Joseph’s attitude of his circumstance is that God put him in his position for a purpose and that was to make sure his family survived the famine so someday they would become a great nation.

He wants his father and family to come to Egypt and live near him in the land of Goshen. There would be vast resources; the best of the land. They would be given clothing, food, and the best things of Egypt. It was a time for joyful reunion

God is responsible for all things in heaven and on earth. His sovereignty extends to all realms in the universe both physical and spiritual. Even after difficult circumstances, in his timing all things work out for our benefit. Let us remember this account of Joseph’s life as we go through difficult experiences in life.

This day with God, look back at your life and think of unhappy experiences like Joseph did and see how God allowed it to happen for your good. It may be a past job that didn’t work out or a marriage that didn’t work out. What is your attitude about the experience? Did it help you grow as a person? Was God’s hand in this experience so that it turned out better for you? Is there someone you need to forgive?

Lord, we are always given a lift by your positive affirmation through your Son who on the cross has made a way for us to be taken care of. Through Jesus, we can make it through the shortages we may face in life; we can overcome because of this love You have given through Your Son. We are now made aware of this love beyond measure and this makes us want to return this love unconditionally to others. Amen.

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