Handling Situations

We read about a scandal in Genesis 34. Shechem, the son of the ruler of the land in which Jacob and his family had settled had his heart set on Jacob’s daughter named Dinah but intermarriage with those who did not follow the God of Jacob was not permitted. On her way to visit some other girls in the area, Dinah was raped by Shechem.

Jacob probably thought about handling the situation with physical harm toward Shechem but he chose not to. Instead, it turns out that he was perhaps a little too soft and accepted a compromise. For Dinah to intermarry, all the Canaanite men had to agree to be circumcised.

The Shechemite men accepted to be circumcised and while the men were still in pain from the operation, Dinah’s brothers Simeon and Levi massacred them and brought their sister back home. Jacob was mad because he feared revenge.

We all face situations at work or home in which our impulse is to react with anger but it is always best to let God have input into the best course of action. He helps plan the right things for our day and our days run much smoother when we go to Him for direction.

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