Results of Getting off the Path

Isaac began to get off God’s path later in life. As noted in Genesis 27, Isaac was toward the end of his life and could barely see. He decided it was time to give his oldest son Esau his blessing. Esau was a good hunter so Isaac asked Esau to go hunt for game and prepare it for a meal. Then he would give Esau his blessing before his death.

Rebekah overhead this conversation. She was closer to their other son named Jacob who enjoyed staying around the house rather than hunt. Rebekah thought up this scheme to trick her husband into giving his blessing to Jacob rather than the older son Esau.

Sure enough, the scheme was carried out and the blessing to Jacob was binding. Isaac was furious and had to explain to his favorite son Esau what had happened. Satan was attacking Isaac through his own family as this deceptive plan was carried out.

The lack of integrity has disastrous consequences for a family, community, or nation. When people are tricked into voting a certain way or buying a certain product that turns out not to be what they were told, they are harmed and the world becomes a broken place. Families can be torn apart by strife. History tells us in Isaac’s family that Rebekah never saw her son again, Jacob’s brother wanted to kill him, Esau became the founder of an enemy nation, and Jacob was exiled from his family for years.

This day with God, let us pray to learn and apply Godly principles found in the Bible. Lord, we pray that You search inside us and clear out what shouldn’t be there. That we learn from what is found in your Word and from history so we know the proper way to live, give, and love. The way that is the clear path for us to follow.

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