Our Priorities

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As recorded in Genesis 25, Abraham lived to a good old age and was buried next to his wife Sarah in the field he had bought from the Hittites. God had been with Abraham and he lived a wonderful life because he had discipline, prayerfully sought God’s direction, and followed the path God laid out for him. Because of this, Abraham had a good relationship with God and was rewarded with a son named Isaac, many descendants, and land that would eventually become a great nation.

Abraham’s son Isaac married Rebekah and they had twin boys named Esau and Jacob. As the twins grew up, Esau enjoyed the outdoors; hunting and gathering food. Jacob on the other hand, enjoyed staying in; taking care of the chores around their home and cooking. Once, he made some stew which Esau couldn’t resist so Jacob offered some stew in exchange for his birthright.

We observe that Esau focused on the short term; trading his inheritance for a dish of stew. The lesson is for us to put our attention more on the long term and not give in to short term desires. We must be able to plan and make decisions based on those plans.

In the world in which we live today, the most difficult decisions are our priorities. There is so much that can be done and so much information we can obtain that it becomes overwhelming at times. It helps to know what our priorities are so we can determine what tasks are most important as we take on the challenges of each day. Our first priority as a Christian should be to spend time with God in prayer each day.

Think about it, our faith can never be taken away or depleted and the Word of God can never be outdated. Knowledge about God’s way never changes. It doesn’t become outdated like a computer system or some skill we may obtain that becomes obsolete in five years.

The challenge we face in a world that promotes negatives is to fill our thoughts with positives. Try this for the next few days: take a walk in your neighborhood. If you are unable to physically walk, take a walk each day in your mind.  If you have a dog, take your dog for a walk and as you walk, memorize scripture, think about your day; what good things did you experience and what bad things did you experience that provided a lesson for the future and a lesson to share with others.

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