Taking a Step of Faith

In Genesis 12, the Lord called Abraham from a land where many gods were worshiped to a new land. He made a promise to Abraham that he would be blessed with a new nation which we know today as Israel or the Jewish people. This request from God prompts Abraham to take a step of faith and he arrived at Canaan but then a famine came upon the area so he set out to Egypt.

When Abraham faced the famine upon entering the land God had promised, his lack of faith leads him away from the difficult situation into a place he thought to be less difficult in Egypt. Thinking the men in Egypt might desire his beautiful wife named Sarah, he dreams up a lie to protect from being killed. He tells everyone they meet that she is his sister.

It seemed to work at first because Pharaoh took Sarah into his palace and treated Abraham well for her sake by giving sheep, cattle, camels, and servants to Abraham. Unfortunately, Abraham’s lack of faith got him off track from the original plan God had for him so to get him back on track the Lord inflicted serious diseases on Pharaoh and his household because of Abraham’s wife Sarah.

The lie of Sarah being Abraham’s sister was found out by Pharaoh so Abraham and all his people were expelled from Egypt. Even the foolishness of Abraham didn’t stop God’s plan for him. We all face difficult areas that God calls us into that require trust. Sometimes we may get off track from God’s path but our wondering hearts can return to full fellowship with the Lord.

Faith obeys what God is telling us to do regardless of how comfortable life seems where we are. We need to get away from the comfort zone; dream, explore, and go where no one has gone before. Our courage will affect others and they will follow.

The lesson this day with God is to be who He made us to be and believe in the mission He has given; to feel comfortable in our own skin. Deceiving ourselves or others never gets us anywhere but if we trust in God, we will be blessed.

* Abram’s name is changed to Abraham and Sarai’s name to Sarah in Genesis 17.

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About Mark Shields

Mark volunteers as a member of the media ministry team at his church. A few years ago, he started an on-line Bible study guide called “This Day with God Devotional”. He uses this as a tool in his journey through the Bible. We live in a very busy world with busy schedules so this tool has helped him continue with daily Bible reading and study. Each of the studies are designed to help apply our faith in the work place, at school, or at home. Join him on this journey or check in every so often to read his thoughts.
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