Biblical Creationism

We were wonderfully made and so was the formless void that God created called the universe. Reading in Genesis 1, God’s imagination and His Words are related because what He said became reality. God said, “Let there be light” and there was light as He set the sun to light the Earth. He made the sky, the oceans, the land, the plants, and the seasons. He made the fish of the sea, birds and animals. His people are to be the master of all.

Sunset in Hawaii

Look at your own smart phone. Maybe you have an idea of what’s going on inside that complicated thing to help you make those phone calls, text messages, and ability to find information on the Internet. To believe only in evolution is like believing that all those parts were put in a shoebox and shaken for a few weeks – hey, say a few million years – and your smart phone resulted from that.

To believe in biblical creationism, you simply believe that God’s people are made in His image; He has crowned them with great honor and with imaginations to create. He made people for his own good pleasure (Revelation 4:11), for his own glory (Isaiah 43:7), and for fellowship (John 4:24).

Over the years, His people have invented cars, planes, and trains among other things. At the same time, His people are to show concern for nature in responsible treatment of wildlife and natural resources. All these facts make a difference because God’s people have a responsibility to each other and must keep each other accountable. We are to respect each other because God made all in His image.

Unfortunately, there was estrangement from God and this has caused tough times. But hope was given for a brighter future when Jesus died on the cross for sin. This changed our relationship between God, with others, and with all creation which transforms our thinking to a positive frame of mind.

Remember, it all started with God. He was kind to us with a wonderful world until there became estrangement because of the actions of Adam and Eve. Again God was kind in giving us His Son to fix this estrangement. Jesus changed everything and we can help others by explaining to them that they have a friend in Jesus. When we help others, the kindness will be given back. Share with others the love of Jesus and the love of Jesus will be given back in the form of eternal blessings.

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1 Response to Biblical Creationism

  1. Eliza says:

    Praise God for His goodness to us through His divine act of creation and His glorious act of redemption through sending His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place taking the punishment that we deserve and then rising from the dead victorious over sin, death and the devil which are ours in Him when we repent of our sin and put our faith in Him. God bless you:)

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