Following the ONE who Speaks Life

Reading in Luke 9:18-36, Jesus ask this question to His disciples, “Who do the crowds say I am (v.18)?” They replied, “Some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah; and still others, that one of the prophets of long ago has come back to life (v. 19).” Then He asked the Disciple who they thought He was and this is when Peter answers, “You are the Christ of God (v. 20)”.

At this time, Jesus announces to His disciples that the Christ of God will suffer a painful death on the cross but will be raised to life on the third day. He also lays out the requirements of one who wishes to follow the Christ of God. A person must deny themselves and take up the cross daily to follow Him (v. 23).

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Think of ideas and ways we can deny ourselves and follow Jesus today. What is in our heart comes out in how we live. The scripture tells us to love God first and second to love our neighbor as ourselves. A way to step ahead is to study the life of Christ and work to apply faith, hope, and love in our everyday experiences. Without following Jesus, there is doubt, negative thoughts, and discontent.

Another part of this passage is the transfiguration of Jesus. He takes Peter, John, and James with Him to pray up on a mountain. While praying, the appearance of Jesus changes and His clothes become as bright as a flash of lightening (v. 29). Moses who represents the Law, Elijah who represents all prophets, and Jesus who would eventually fulfill the law met to discuss His coming death on the cross (v. 31).

Father God as we pray this day, let it be Your will and not our own will that is done. Let us be patient, listen to Your directions, and follow with determination. We praise You and pray for devotion to Your purpose. A purpose that is greater than ourselves that we can contribute to by eagerly sharing the Good News with others.

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