New Heaven and New Earth

John gives us a description in Revelation 21:1-8 of a new heaven and a new earth. There is no sea or sun. The Holy City of the Lord or Jerusalem comes down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband (v. 2).

Peace is the governor and righteousness is the ruler. There is no more violence or ruin, weeping or crying; no more death or mourning, or pain. The walls are salvation, the gates are praise, Jerusalem a delight, and its people a joy.

God has comes from up there to down here. The Spirit talks to the churches and everyone has plenty of food. For the believer; a new name is written on a white stone like receiving a trophy after winning the championship.

After reading today’s passage, why wouldn’t anybody want this? The image we get makes our faith an easy sale. Let us pray for a bountiful harvest as we simply relay the message of God’s rewarding Crown of Life.

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