Urgently Preparing for His Return

Following the progression from person to person by which Revelation has come to the church,  Revelation 1:1-8 tells us that this book is God’s plan to Jesus who in turn sent the angel of God to reveal it to John (v. 1). John takes this Word of God or testimony of Jesus, writes what he sees and hears, then delivers it to the churches.

Everyone who reads this book or hears of it; taking it to heart will be blessed (v. 3) because they will have understood, applied, and accepted Jesus as Savior. The letter is addressed to the seven churches which are in Asia. The letter is from the ONE who is, and who was, and who is to come, from the seven spirits, and from Jesus Christ (v. 4-5).

This day with God, let us do all we can with urgency as if we knew for sure that Jesus was returning tomorrow. Because of this urgency, we are more determined to get everything in order. We are making sure that others hear about the reward of eternal life God promises through Christ.

Today will be a great day because we will be blessed and those who interact with us will be blessed because of our determination.

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