The Word Keeps Us Upright

As we all walk this journey called life, some may slip occasionally. How do we react when someone slips? 

Take a look at this short video of penguins walking on slippery ice: Penguins do something awesomely human. 

Did you see and hear what happened? One penguin slips and the others make a penguin noise which could be a laugh or a word of encouragement and then the penguin gets back up and they keep walking.

There’s a lesson from this example to help us walk in faith. If a follower slips, we need to make some kind-hearted noise to help them get back up. We also need to make sure the leader is leading in the right direction. If they get off track, the followers need to make some noise to hold them accountable.

This world in which we live can get slippery at times but God’s Word is always there to guide and keep us upright. 

Your words have supported those who stumbled; you have strengthened faltering knees. – Job 4:4

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4 Responses to The Word Keeps Us Upright

  1. altruistico says:

    You are quite right…. encouragement and correction are often needed. I am glad seeing this message….. now if our community (Christians) will only fulfill it. and keep God’s instruction.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless our community and bring us back into the word.

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