A With God Life – Sermon Message 01/12/2014

Your body is made up of many parts; eyes to see, a brain to think, and a heart that pumps blood to feed each cell of your body the oxygen it needs. We know much about the parts of our body and how they function but we don’t seem to know that much about the soul.

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Last Sunday at the church I attend, the message was titled “A With God Life”Pastor Steve brought the message to us with some great points in bold print below. In blue print below each point are some notes I took while listening.

You Are a Spiritual Being with a Soul Made to Rest in God
God wants us to do big things for Him, it’s important to know how God made us and to make sure we are functioning at peak levels. We know about the physical parts of our body but how about the soul? Why is it important? How did God build me?

You Have a Will
In Genesis 1:26, God tells us we are made in His image and He has given us a responsibility to rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and the animals of the earth. Each day, we make choices like getting up and using our skills or talents. We work for our basic needs like food and shelter.  Also, we have a responsibility to make sure our spirit is healthy.

You Have a Mind
Within our minds are thoughts, feelings, and personalities. From our minds come things like anger, joy, and peace; either blessings or curses. In Romans 8:6 we are told that it is best that the Holy Spirit controls our mind because that’s where blessings come from.

You Have a Body
Our mind sends messages to our body and our body obeys our will. Like Paul says in Romans 7:23-24, sometimes we decide to go in the wrong direction because sin is at war with our mind. At times we become a slave to sin within our body and sin wins. The weapon against sin is developing good habits like Jesus says in Matthew 26:41, “Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the Spirit is willing, but the body is weak!”

You Have a Soul
Our soul integrates everything together. To have a healthy soul, we need to feed it Godly thoughts by memorizing scripture, Bible study, listening to sermons, and learning from each other.

The Lord is the Shepherd of Your Soul
The aim is to not let the world mold us like play-doh but to be formed in God’s image. Take the advice in Romans 12:1-2 which tells us not to copy the behavior of this world, but be transformed into a new person by changing the way we think.

This weekend, Pastor Steve will bring the message “With God, I’m Bigger”. If you are not able to attend your local church service (traveling, health condition, weather, etc), I invite you to this link of the podcast where you can listen/watch each sermon message.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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