Great Love

The first question the women ask the girl in Song of Songs 5:9-16 is how is your beloved better than others? She uses images like radiance describing purity with ruddy denoting passion. She then says his head is purest gold implying a crown on one’s head. Then she describes the different parts of His body using images. To describe his eyes she uses doves indicating innocence, for lips she uses lilies signifying pleasantness, and for his legs she uses marble conveying strength. 

At the end in verse 16, the girl says “this is my friend” to describe her beloved. Friendship is a crucial part of a permanent love commitment. We should lift up those we are committed to; pray for them, listen and care. We are to love what they love and try to do what they ask.

We can be the best at what we do but it is love that makes us so blessed. The love of Christ gives us peace and freedom to take risk for within He lives. Think you will come through and think others will too with the help of His great love for you. Accept God’s gift; making use of it in life so it gives you a lift.

This day with God, let us be made aware that we are loved beyond measure and we will return this love unconditionally to others. Pray that the love of Christ who bled and died for us on the cross will compel us to live for His glory.

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