Desire for Spiritual Communion

This week, I’ve been posting some thoughts from my study of Song of Songs 1-3. Some read this book of the Bible as a love poem; others believe it is written symbolically to express the affections between Christ and the church.

Either way you read it, there are lessons to be learned. We should desire to have spiritual communion and be strengthened each day. We should desire the things of God and make them our treasure. Each day with God, ask for help and dream of the possibilities.

Being devoted to the teachings of Christ builds passion for life. We are driven toward God’s plan for our life and we trust our future in His hands. We also desire to make Christ known to others so they can have this same passion for life.

The thoughts this week have inspired a poem at this link: Spiritual Communion.

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10 Responses to Desire for Spiritual Communion

  1. evanlaar1922 says:

    ahhh…the truth in your life


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