Spiritual Communion

Depiction of Solomon and Pharaoh's daughter re...

Depiction of Solomon and Pharaoh’s daughter reciting the Song of Solomon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some read the Song of Solomon as a love poem; others believe it is written symbolically to express the affections between Christ and the church. Whichever way you read it, we can learn about spiritual communion which gives strength for each day; the importance of wanting the things of God and making them your treasure. We can ask God for help and dream of the possibilities.

The women of Solomon’s harem describe his love in Song of Songs 1-2. They said that it is more delightful than wine. We also read about conflicts between the Shulammite girl and the “daughters of Jerusalem” as each thinks they are better than the other.

The king is trying to win the girl’s love and she finds him difficult to resist as he says she is beautiful and she points out how handsome he is. The girl describes past delights she has enjoyed with her shepherd lover by comparing him to an apple tree that is very pleasant and wholesome.

The Shlammite girl describes her desire with word pictures of perfume, fruit, and flowers. Both describe their desire for each other using word pictures like fine wine or luscious fruit. Other word pictures to help describe their desire for each other include strongly built house, flowers, doves, gazelles and female deer.

There are many things that can entice us from devotion to Christ. Many shows on TV want our attention. Every commercial we see is trying to entice us to pay money for their product or service. To keep us focused this day with God, let us delight in the Lord. What God gives is a plan for life which is a valuable treasure and the more we lose ourselves in this plan, the more passion we will have.


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5 Responses to Spiritual Communion

  1. I love how vibrant Song of Songs is! Even though it doesn’t mention God, I often find myself turning to it just to be uplifted by the poetry.


  2. evanlaar1922 says:

    The truth well spoken


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