Worship Service Update – 11/15/2013

This weekend, we will continue the sermon series “First” at the church I attend. The sermon title is “First, Guard Your Heart”. At this link: Pastor’s Podcast, you can see/listen to the messages of the series. You may also consider using the outlines, messages, and other material for Bible study or small group discussion.

Last week’s message was titled “First, Be Faithful”. A main thought from the message is the need to apply what we believe. If we believe that our Creator has made each of us with certain qualities or talents and we each apply them, then God will generously bring the increase.

Main points from the message

Pastor Steve presented that we should first be faithful in earning all we can. We all are wonderfully made by God who provides us with skills and talents. He wants us to prosper.

Next, he presented to us the need to be faithful in saving all we can. The more we have, the more we can invest in doing what’s good for society.

The next point was about being faithful in giving all we can. This past Monday was Veterans Day. We can all be thankful for the sacrifice made by all current and past service members who always give it their all to make us safe.

The last point made by Pastor Steve was the need to be faithful in trusting all we can. In John 6:1-14 we are told about God’s pattern of generosity and miracles when Jesus feeds a crowd of five thousand who had gathered around Him. With five loaves of bread and two fish, He fed each person and still had some left over. The key is to live within our means and understand that even with a small gift, Jesus can multiply and provide in abundance.

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy this video: Speak Life – Toby Mac.

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2 Responses to Worship Service Update – 11/15/2013

  1. I was just checking out your site because it was on the suggested sites. And the first post has Speak Life on it. ❤

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