Following the Path to Victory

Reading in 2 Chronicles 24, a major project is carried out during the reign of Joash to glorify the Lord. The king decided to restore the temple and the project was to be financed by a tax. This strategy did not work at first because of the lack of trust in leaders. It was known that the sons of Athaliah were breaking into the temple of the Lord and taking the sacred objects for use in the worship of their false gods. Remember, Athaliah was the evil wife of a previous king and daughter of the king of Aham. She had assumed power with intent to destroy the whole royal family until she was overthrown and put to death.

When the idea of making a chest was carried out and put outside the temple for everyone to put their tax, there was a good response from the people. Large sums of money were collected and with this money work could begin to restore the temple. This was a huge success but then policy changes took place after the death of Jehoiada, they abandoned God and started worshiping false gods. The king and the other leaders around him wouldn’t listen to those who warned against abandoning God. Within the year, God’s judgment was executed on Judah resulting in tremendous hardship, losses, and even a conspiracy that led to the death of Joash.

In today’s passage is a lesson on following the path. This day with God can be amazing if we ask questions and seek answers to the path of victory. It can be amazing if we discover the right path through lessons found in the Bible and from others that have found the clear path God has set.

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