Common Objective Creates Synergy

There was so much disruption in the line of David during the time in history of today’s passage. King Ahaziah had been killed and his mother named Athaliah who was the daughter of the king of Aham who did evil in the eyes of the Lord assumed power and she started to destroy the whole royal family.

The line of David was saved only because Jehosheba who was the daughter of king Jehoram protected the only remaining person in line to be king. Young Joash was hidden at the temple of God for six years until he was ready to assume power. Reading in 2 Chronicles 23, there is an alliance between the leaders of the religious community and the leaders of the military to make sure Joash would become king and continue the line of David.

Jehoiada who was a priest and the Son In-Law of the previous king named Jehoram was instrumental in making the alliance happen. There were precautions taken since Athaliah had assumed power and had started to kill the members of the royal family. Nonetheless, the forceful overthrow of the government took place and Joash became king.

The underlying principle for the reign of Joash was to destroy the idols and build up the things of God. Nothing is more important to God than His people. Remember His Son died for all.

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This day with God, let us exercise this same principle to build up societies in a good way. Like the nails that hold a house together, every single Godly act is important because together they build up a strong faith that can endure the storms.  Working together towards a common objective creates synergy and each member has a role to play towards victory.

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7 Responses to Common Objective Creates Synergy

  1. graciehill48 says:

    Your posts are uplifting and encouraging. Just wanted to let you know I look forward to them. We have unity in Christ, believers can be assured they are one in the body of Christ, His church. God bless your day.


  2. Tom Bolton says:

    I agree. I look forward to your posts too.


  3. Love this! Nicely put!


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