Walking in His Ways

The next two kings of Jerusalem had no desire to live the right way and be on the right side of history. We learn that there are consequences for not walking in the ways of God. 

Reading in 2 Chronicles 21-22, there were long-term negative effects as a result of Jehoshaphat’s decision to make a marriage alliance with the house of Ahab. His oldest son Jehoram took over as king and married one of the daughter’s of Ahab. Then another son named Ahaziah took bad advice from his mother who was the daughter of Ahab and the others within the house of Ahab.

A series of blows were delivered to the kings in the line of David. Terrible decisions were made after following bad counsel, there were murders of the royal family members, and there was illness. The whole line of David would have been destroyed if not for Jehosheba who was the daughter of king Jehoram. She protected the young future king Joash from being murdered and he kept the line of David in place.

The people were tired of the evil leadership of their kings. When king Jehoram died, no one seemed to care. In fact, no one showed any remorse at all.

This day with God, let’s make sure we plan now to live in such a way that our life impacts others in a good way. In prayer today, let us ask for guidance so that we are on the right side of history by being with God and walking in His ways.

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