True Counsel

As chronicled in 2 Chronicles 18:1-22, the King of Israel was Ahab who was corrupt and had surrounded himself with bad influences. On the other hand, Jehoshaphat wanted to make Judah steadfast for God’s ways and created programs in Judah that led to success. He had great wealth, prestige, and power as king of Judah. Ahab thought it would be advantageous to create an alliance with Jehoshaphat so he asked Jehoshaphat to join in a war against Ramoth Gilead.

Jehoshaphat says yes but with one stipulation; Ahab would need to seek the counsel of the Lord first (v. 4).  Jehoshaphat knew about Ahab’s past and the spiritual decay that had taken place in his kingdom. Reading further, we find out that Ahab maintained a corps of 400 prophets who would prophesy only what Ahab wanted to happen rather than what God was going to make happen. Of course the prophets of Ahab predicted success for the king going to war against Ramoth Gilead but Micaiah was a prophet that had courage to go against the tide. In him, we find someone with purpose and a desire to go forward under fire.

This day with God, we can take a lesson from this passage that a leader should want to know the truth and accept the truth. There is a difference between what we want and what the Lord has planned. We can study and put what we learn into practice with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Let us look in the right direction, ask the right questions, ask the right people, and go to the Lord in prayer. Prayer is our greatest power to help make good decisions and is crucial for success in life. Friends share secrets and God will share secrets with you my friend.

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