First Order of Business is Prayer

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After the temple was built, the first order of business was prayer. Solomon’s main request in 2 Chronicles 6 is for God to hear their prayers of repentance and forgiveness. Solomon knew what God had promised and in prayer ask that it come to fruition; that they would learn, receive protection, and that their prayers would be heard.

After Solomon’s prayer, fire came down from heaven and the glory of the LORD filled the temple.  The people responded in worship and in giving thanks. This should be our response when we are aware of God’s presence. Today, our hearts are His resting-place. Christ dwells in us by faith and we are set apart as God’s temple where we can meet each day and listen for His voice in the quiet.

We can ask these questions: God do I limit your power in my life by trying to hide my weaknesses? What do I need to be honest about in order to receive your power? Is there something I can share that will provide a good lesson for those that follow in my path?

There is Never a Day We Should Not Pray

Give us this day our daily bread
And bless those O Lord whom have not yet been fed
I thank God for my food and I can honestly say
There is never a day that we should not pray

If not for ourselves there are plenty in need
Of hope and compassion it’s their hearts we must feed
The light of God can show us the way
There is never a day that we should not pray

He gave us his son who taught us to share
To love and forgive, he taught us to care
For he died on the cross and for our sins he did pay
There is never a day that we should not pray

~ Michael Gannon

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3 Responses to First Order of Business is Prayer

  1. Rene Yoshi says:

    Amen. Beautiful poem. 🙂


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