Victory after Many Loses

When the work on the Temple was completed as recorded in 2 Chronicles 5, there was a celebration. Judah’s history had been one of instability and a renunciation of religion but interspersed with periods of spiritual reformation. The people had gone through exile, wilderness wanderings, invasions, and re-location. The new temple had great emotional significance for each person because it was a victory among so many loses.

As we go through life, we need to keep mementos of past successes. We need to hold victories dear and use them as stepping stones to building a winning path to the future. Like graduating from college or getting a promotion at work, we need to find time to celebrate achievements.

Once the temple was completed, Solomon called for his leaders to bring the Ark of the Lord’s covenant to the Temple. Only the Levites who were priests could carry the arc and the sacred furnishings. Also, the people sacrificed so many sheep and cattle that they were not able to record or count (V. 6). The priests and people took extreme care as they placed the ark in the inner sanctuary of the temple, the most Holy place (V. 7).

Why did the priest and the people put so much effort into this assignment?  It was because the ark was a token of the presence of God. Inside the ark were the two tablets that Moses had placed in it at Horeb where the Lord made a covenant with the Israelites after they came out of Egypt (V .10).

The characteristics of God most emphasized by the actions of the priests and the people are His holiness, excellence, and love. In verse 13 is written:

“He is good;

His love endures forever.”

 The glory of the LORD filled the temple of God (V.14). Think of how your worship of God reflects your awareness of His character. Praise Him today for something about His character that you have not been aware of before.

This day with God will be rewarding to our souls. Have you noticed how a pet gets so excited when you come home or before being fed? We should have that same enthusiasm about our spiritual food; rising early and looking forward to our daily rewards.


 Look for and store up God’s words like silver or hidden treasure. 

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2 Responses to Victory after Many Loses

  1. Rene Yoshi says:

    I just took my daughter’s high-energy pugletie (Pug-Beagle-Sheltie mix) out for a run. I rode a bike while she ran. She is ecstatic when she has the opportunity to run and chase things, because that is her nature, the way she was created. She gets antsy when she has been cooped up. Even though I played ball with her in the house this morning; it wasn’t enough. Your post reminded me that we are happiest and able to rest when we fulfill the things God has created us to do in worship to Him. Thank you, Mark! 🙂

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