Simple Truths from God

The simplest things give the most happiness if we let God be in charge and praise Him. A farmer works hard to plant his crop and he worries about the lack of rain or too much rain or insects. But finally the crop is harvested and it’s ready for market. That’s when the fun begins and it’s time to reap the rewards.

The words we write are like the seeds a farmer plants. We worry that the words are meaningful and that others will take them in. Finally the words are published and that’s when there is a bountiful harvest. Let us plant our seeds and give credit by praising the ONE in charge: O Praise Him – David Crowder Band.

How does eternity affect your life? The work we do on earth has a time limit so we should budget our time and money wisely. Our work is recorded for eternity and our work in sharing about God brings eternal rewards.

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2 Responses to Simple Truths from God

  1. Hi Mark, our words are seeds. May we sow with wisdom in Jesus name


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