Take Courage in God’s Protection

Pope's Road leading up to Mount Zion (Jerusalem)

Pope’s Road leading up to Mount Zion (Jerusalem) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I read Psalm 125, trusting in the Lord is compared to Mount Zion which is never shaken and endures forever. A mountain has characteristics like firmness, providence, promise, and safety. Mount Zion which is another name for the city of Jerusalem sits on a mountain ridge. The mountains protect the Holy city and guard against its enemies so that it can stand the test of time.

The psalmist’s can have a solid trust in God but be aware of the dangers of the hidden enemy known as sin. As God’s people, we need to have this same balance in our daily living; having confidence and courage but at the same time being on guard against the enemy that wants to destroy our soul.

The way of holiness is straight and leads to peace but the way of sin is crooked and leads to strife. In prayer, be thankful because we can take courage in the security God gives us. We have peace not because of our perfection but because of the Lord’s grace.

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