Help in Trouble

The psalmist might be recalling real situations in Psalm 124 when God helped the Israelites. Situations in the past like when rebuilding the wall or protecting the city of Jerusalem. Another might be when the Red Sea parted to escape Pharaoh’s army.

This Psalm is a hymn praising God for deliverance from the enemies who tried to set traps but the Lord provided the power, mercy, and truth to overcome. The people would sing this Psalm as they went up to Jerusalem to celebrate the three major feasts each year.

Today, we can recall the great work of redemption by Jesus Christ who rescued us from Satan. This should be at the top of our thoughts as we praise God. Each day with God is amazing because even if a problem comes up, He’s in control to give a solution.

Have faith that God will work in your life because His power is put to work when obstacles are in your way. He can beat them down so they become stepping stones to a brighter future. Lay out concerns to God whether big or small. If a miracle is needed, ask for it. He can work in your life if you pray, trust, and ask for help.

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