Sure Signs

David was proud of the number of his people and began to trust his own powers rather than the unlimited powers of God. As recorded in 1 Chronicles 21:14-30, God was not happy; sending an angel to make the numbers smaller with a plague on Israel that killed 70 thousand fighting men. As the angel was destroying Israel, the Lord was grieved because of the calamity and told the angel to stop.

David’s prayer to the Lord gives a glimpse of the shepherd’s heart. He was willing to give his own life for his sheep; willing to die in place of them. David was required to build an altar to the Lord and sacrifice burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. Then he called on the Lord who then shows David that he is forgiven by sending fire from heaven. Fire sent from heaven is a sign of God’s acceptance. In Hebrews there is the mention that Christ was made sin and it pleased the Lord that through him God might be to us, not a consuming fire, but a reconciled Father.

After reflecting upon today’s passage and knowing that going the way of God is best, the question that comes to mind is what areas of my life do I need to be humble and trust God? There is definitely a lesson to be learned in how David handled the situation. He had discipline and did what God told him to do. Because David honored God and humbled himself, the angel sent to destroy Jerusalem was told to stop.

It’s fine to celebrate success if you give God the credit. Nothing happens by accident and things are so complex that no one person should take credit for accomplishments. All solutions to any problems have an answer. The answer for Christians is Christ.

This day with God, I’m praying for those that lead me and for God’s help in leading others. That I do not seek greatness as the world defines greatness but how God defines it. That I know the path, follow it, and praise Him for every step taken on that path.

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  1. Thanks for your visit to my blog “A Word Shared.” It’s always nice to meet others who are passionate about studying God’s Word and sharing it with others. We were talking this past Sunday in our Sunday School class about pride … something none of us are immune from!


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