In God We Trust

David began to trust in his own powers rather than trusting in God. God was displeased with David in 1 Chronicles 20:1-21:13 as he counted his fighting men. He was proud of his own accomplishments rather than appreciating that it was God’s assistance that gave him victory over enemies. As punishment, David had to make a choice of three years of famine, three months of being swept away before his enemies, with their swords overtaking him, or three days of the sword of the Lord – days of plague in the land, with the angel of the Lord ravaging every part of Israel (1 Chronicles 21:12). David took three days of the sword of the Lord.

David had faith that God would have compassion for him. He couldn’t trust the things of this world but he could trust God in everything because He’s at work even when we can’t see it. His hands can hold us during worry or doubt. 

I read a story once about a young boy fishing with his dad near a bridge. A car lost control and hit the boy going 50 mph. The impact propelled the boy 500 feet, over a few trees and an embankment and into the middle of a mud puddle. Amazingly, the boy not only survived but was able to explain how. He said Jesus caught him in his arms and laid him down in the mud puddle.

It’s hard to understand how many things work; how electricity works or how medical procedures make people well. There are people specialized in certain fields that can explain better than I can. All I know is that amazing things still happen in our world and they are beyond explanation.

Check out this video of a man who falls 47 floors and survives: GodVine Video. 

Do you have an amazing story? If so share it now or contemplate who to share it with. Each day with God is an amazing day because we can go to Him in prayer and He answers with a miracle. Then we can share with others and ask the question, “Can You Believe It?”

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2 Responses to In God We Trust

  1. I watched the video, Mark, pretty amazing! (If I was that guy, I would find another way to make a living).


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