Empathy of David

Nahash was king of the Ammonites and friend of David’s when he was fleeing Saul. As recorded in 1 Chronicles 19, David considered him an ally and friend and sent a delegation to morn his death. His son Hanum assumed they were spies. Instead of treating David’s men with thankfulness, he embarrasses them by shaving them, cutting off their garments in the middle at the buttocks, and sending them away (v.4).

What is it today that would cause an embarrassing moment? Say you were told by your boss to attend the funeral of the CEO of a competitor company and the new CEO caused something embarrassing to happen to you. What might your boss do? Well, they might take some advice from what David did. He shows consideration for his people by being sensitive to their feelings of embarrassment and telling them to stay low in Jericho for a while until they could get their confidence built up.

David seems to know how to be sensitive but yet tough on those deserving it. Things only got worse for the sons of Ammon. Since they knew David was fuming, they hired a private army to join in on an attack of Israel (v. 6). The well organized and skilled army of David was ready for battle. With great strategy, they completely obliterate the Ammonites.

We have friends and adversaries in life and the best way is to show respect and consideration for both. As people of this world, we have enough common enemies to face like poverty, disease, earthquakes, and storms. We don’t need to waste our time being cruel to each other. 

Encouragement can make all the difference. What we make happen for others will be given back to us so give a smile and a smile will be given back. Act kind and receive kindness from others. Encourage those around you and step ahead with confidence together.

Be kind under all circumstances and build others up instead of embarrassing them. Let God handle those that are cruel because if we are with God, we are on the side of victory. This day with God will be amazing if we encourage, build up, and humbly pray for others. Try to get across to those around you that no matter what happens in life, God loves them and that is all that matters.

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