Unstoppable Purpose

The-Original-Teachings-of-Jesus-ChristThe 3rd message of the series called “Unstoppable” at First United Methodist Church Waco was presented yesterday. It is titled “Unstoppable Purpose” and can be watched at this link.  God became flesh and came to earth with a purpose. He was a wonderful teacher who attracted large crowds; giving wisdom and truth to all. After listening to the message, I wrote the poem below to sum up some of the main points.

Jesus was a great teacher
Crowds were amazed
He taught with authority
Attentions were raised

The reason Jesus taught
Giving wisdom to all
Listen and obey
And find your call

Whom Jesus taught
To all who would listen
Baptizing followers
We now call Christian

When Jesus taught
All fully understood
Arguing led nowhere
But unity would

What Jesus taught
Will set all free
He brought the truth
For you and for me

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