Bringing a Team Together

Make Impossible Possible (2)A good leader has faith, applies that faith as the Lord guides, has followers that buy into a plan, and surrounds themselves with good team members.

David had proven that he was a great leader as the ruler of Hebron. In 1 Chronicles 11, the people made David king. God was with David and David ascribed success to the Lord; devoting all his talents to the Him. As a leader, David knew the importance of
surrounding himself with great people that were strong, courageous, and mighty.

Here is a link to a post from one of my blogging friends: Able To Go To War. Within this post, it is mentioned that Jesus brought a team together. We see in the passage today that David surrounded himself with his mighty men. No one person can be successful without a team surrounding them because there is chemistry that makes each individual stronger. Each is using their strengths to bless, inspire, uplift, energize, and help. As individuals, we are just one drop but together we can form an entire ocean.

This day with God, let us fight as a member of His team and believe that He is alongside us helping to take on the challenges we face at work or home.

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