God's WordGod’s Word is good for the body and soul with lessons that can be applied to life. These lessons can be used along with prayer to talk to God, listen for plans, and ask for help in carrying them out.

Reading in 1 Chronicles 10, Saul was unfaithful to the Lord and even consulted a medium for guidance. This personal choice affected the whole kingdom because God was no longer with Israel. The Philistines started to overtake them and Saul’s sons were killed. Then the Philistines pressed hard after Saul until they surrounded him. When Saul was wounded, he decided to take his own life instead of be captured.

Leaders should not provoke God by going somewhere else for advice but inquire for guidance and give glory to Him for success. Some may achieve short term stardom without God but long term success is dependent on persistent spiritual growth or learning about the God of the Bible and applying our faith.

In prayer today, I’m asking God to help me learn from the lessons in His Word and share with others. I’m praying for those in leadership positions and that they make good decisions; leaders in government, churches, work, and school. This day with God, let us understand that the problems we go through in life are not stop signs; they are guidelines and it is during tough times that He provides sure signs of a brighter future.

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