Learning Lessons and Sharing Them Gives Us a Purpose

Each day with God as we read His Word or just simply live in His world, there are lessons to be learned. I once heard someone say that if you pay attention to God, you are prepared for the world; if you pay attention to the world, you become stressed and confused.

One time a bird decided to make a nest inside an ornament on our back porch. The bird gave our whole family a lesson on good work habits. It taught us about having a purpose, planning, and initiative.

Another way to learn lessons is to study leaders of the past. There are so many lessons to be learned. It was the initiative of Winston Churchill who called a meeting of the entire British cabinet and made his case for an all out war with Hitler. It was the inventors of the past like Ben Franklin who experimented with electricity that started the wave of new inventions for new devices. Without their initiative, just think how things would be – no light bulbs, no washers, no dryers, no TV, or computers.

I heard a story of a teacher who made an assignment for her students one time. The assignment was to write down good things or things they liked about their classmates. She gave each student a copy of what others had said. Later in life at her funeral, some classmates shared that they still had that list and went to it frequently to give them encouragement or to lift their spirits.

As I read the names of 1 Chronicles 5-6 , it struck me that all the names matter to God and some questions popped into my mind. What purpose has God given me? The Levites purpose was to care for the house of God (1 Chronicles 6:48-49). What roles should I assume to fulfill God’s purpose for me? Do I feel a part of history? We should all believe we are a part of history and participate in our community. Find a role in our neighborhood, our local school, or our church. You and I can make a difference to future generations.

This day with God will be amazing because of who He is and who we are; an important name in history – one of His children.

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