Submit to His Will

Many Christians expect all to live and do things exactly like they do but that’s not necessarily the way it should be. As written in James 4:1-12, God gave everyone unique abilities and we should not fight and quarrel with each other. God is the only true judge so we need to get near to God, talk to Him in prayer, and ask for discernment in what He wants from our life, and submit to His will.

There might be something right in your neighborhood you can organize for His purpose. Think of simple things like know your neighbor’s Birthdays and wish them a happy birthday. Get together with other neighbors to discuss ideas and pray.

This day with God will be amazing because prayer is our greatest power since we are speaking to the ONE who already has the answer. Let us lift up our neighborhoods, communities, and nations. Let us pray for unity and victory together.

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4 Responses to Submit to His Will

  1. Awesome. Everybody has a different role in the body of Christ. However, the bottom line is to do everything to the glory of God. Everybody cannot be like Paul or Peter. Some of us have to be ushers.

    Thanks for sharing Mark. God blesses.


  2. graciehill48 says:

    “…and we should not fight and quarrel with each other….” So true and at this place and time so often forgotten. Pray for unity of spirit.


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