There is a POWER Source

Pastor Steve at my church said once in a sermon that the book of James is God’s instruction manual on how to integrate our faith with our lifestyle. The book of James was written at a time when Christians were being persecuted and James explains that trials can be used to prepare for the future.

As I reflect on James 1:16-27, God gives us gifts each day that are most loving, most free, and most pure. We just need a way to receive these gifts with our senses, study them so they are planted into our heart, and then bear fruit in our actions so they benefit our life and the lives of others.

How can we be doers of God’s Word? If there would be a way to tie everything we do to God’s principles, we would be producing seeds that could be planted into our hearts and then into the hearts of others. For many years now, the environmental movement has grown but I look at things in the world today and the question that pops up in my mind is: what is the biggest problem we face today? Is it pollution of our environment or pollution of our souls?

Here’s an idea for cleaning up the pollution of souls. Attach God’s principles while listening to sermons, reading blogs, doing Bible study, watching movies, having conversation with others, reading books, and listening to music. As you apply your faith in this way, you are building spiritual muscle. I call it Pressing On With Eternal Reward or POWER.

This day with God, let us humbly pray to plant the seeds of His goodness and believe this day with Him will be amazing because we have the opportunity to put His guidance into practice with POWER.

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