Beyond Salvation

Is there something else beyond salvation or is that all there is? Pastor Wayne Williams delivered the message at the 10:50 service this past Sunday at First United Methodist Church Waco. He tells us in his message that God relentlessly pursues us with His love and gives us second chances to not only receive salvation but to go even further. By following Christ, we are set free to a life of abundance, joy, destiny, and purpose.

Below is an outline of the message titled “Beyond Salvation”. The words in black along with the scripture references were provided by the church staff and the notes in blue were added as I listened to the Podcast.

A. God of second chances.
Genesis 12:1-4
Acts 7:2-3
Joshua 24:2-3
Genesis 11:32

Abram didn’t make it all the way to the Promised Land at first because his father died. The journey was interrupted just like in our own life when stuff happens to interrupt us. But our God gives second chances and He relentlessly pursues us.

B. Beyond salvation- Is that all there is??
Genesis 15:6
Genesis 18:17
Isaiah 41:8

Do we settle for less than what God wants for us? Pastor Wayne says that there is way more beyond salvation than you and I can imagine. Do we want it? Can you say that you are God’s friend?

C. Possessing your inheritance
John 15:9-15
1 John 3:1
Romans 5:8

If we have Christ in our life, who are we? We are loved by God and the Joy of the LORD is in us. We are a friend of God’s. Can you say you are a friend of God?

When God likes us, we have something way beyond salvation. When everything is on the line, the poise of a Christian is that extra that is needed.

D. Will you move beyond salvation?
Romans 8:1-4

How do we get that extra beyond salvation? Through Christ, we are set free. We don’t become a Christian and then get back into the rat race. God desires for us to go much further in the positive direction. The law could not set us free but for those of us who are in Christ, we are made righteous and set free.

Do the words below describe what you want?

  • Abundance
  • Joy
  • Destiny
  • Delight
  • Purpose

The way to get what you want is to follow Christ?

Feel free to use this outline and message to study or share with others. There is a Podcast of all sermons at this link: First United Methodist Church Waco Podcast.

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