Hopelessness Turned Into Endless Hopefulness

Cities in the region like Tyre and Sidon were powerful and wealthy around 487 B.C. but history tells us these cities were devastated by a representative of God’s judgment; the monarch of Greece named Alexander the Great who swept around the edges of Israel and Judah with his powerful army south to Egypt and back to Greece.

Foretold of this ruin in Zechariah 9:1-10, Israel and Judah would be spared because of God’s favor. God’s protection relieves their fear, His power sets them free, and He shapes their future. Prophesy of the gospel message being shared with the world is made as God looks with favor on His people with Christ’s first coming (v. 9) and Christ’s second coming in (v. 10). The new King is described as righteous and victorious but humble and meek who would rule over the Spiritual world.

This day with God will be amazing because even in dark times His light illuminates the world. The safest place for us is to be is in the center of His will so let the reign of the King meet with joy in your life.

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    Some good material in Zechariah!


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