The Best Way

At the point of writing Haggai 2:10-23, the harvest was small in Israel. The contamination of sin had limited the productivity of their crops. As the people obeyed God and took small steps toward His will, productivity followed. Activities in the temple would not clean up their sin; only repentance and obedience could do that.

Wrong attitudes and association with those who have bad habits will pollute our environment but God has chosen us to start the cleanup process because we are valued in God’s eyes, disciplined, and ready to work for Him. There is advantage in discovering a channel of decision making that begins with God who knows the best way. Disciplined effort to follow the clear path along with determination leads to progress and joy. All it takes is that first step and God’s blessings are the reward.

The first step is laid out in this video: Lead Me To The Cross – Hillsong.

Electronic items need a power source; either being plugged in or requiring a battery to work. We are in need of the power that God gives in the Holy Spirit to make our life work. Jesus Christ connects us to God. The next few steps consist of reading His instruction manual, keeping our battery charged, and being ready to do His work.

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