Family, Friends and Prayer

For the last few weekends, I’ve been writing about the importance of physical and
spiritual health. Today, I’ll write about the importance of family, friends, and prayer to this core value. Friday and Saturday, I was able to spend some time with family and friends. Friday night, we traveled 50 miles east of Waco Texas to my hometown Teague Texas to watch the homecoming football game. My mom and dad grew up there, fell in love, got married, and after work took them to other place as they journeyed through life, moved back home when I was in high school.

Teague takes homecoming serious as many stay the weekend catching up on what’s going on with their childhood friends. Careers have led many to live now in places like Houston or Dallas but most still have parents and relatives back home. They make floats for a parade and share memories of years gone by.

Each year that goes by and as we journey through life, we become more aware of the fact that the time on earth is but a short time span compared to eternity. Many loved ones and friends are no longer with us.

As we get older, we become more aware of the importance of visiting those in rest homes or in the hospital. What a tremendous boost people get when they get a visit. I remember seeing underneath a mantel the pictures of grandkids and the word HOPE in big letters. Nothing compares to the “beautiful you” in the form of a personal visit to a family member or a friend in a time of need.

Reverend Carolyn Crane says that it is important to receive the positive influence by others when sick. Positive speech and thoughts can hold the key to another person’s healing. Prayer provides this positive influence.

In prayer, God is with us as a friend. He heals a broken heart by changing the way we think. Instead of feeling unacceptable, we are accepted. Instead of feeling incapable, we are capable. He will hold us after a difficult day; giving us needed rest and peace. Picture a tiny baby in the arms of a father; relaxed, happy, and secure. This is the picture we should see in our minds as we think about God holding us in His arms.

If we meet with God every day and comprehend that His love is bigger than we could ever understand, there will be a positive benefit to health. We all make some bad decisions at times but through Christ, God reaches out and offers peace and eternal life. Nothing else can take the place of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. I read a blog post titled “Greater Than You Can Grasp” the other day that emphasizes the importance of this relationship.

Next weekend, I’ll share more ideas on this very important core value of physical and spiritual health. Until next time, have a wonderful day with God.

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