Headed To The Finish Victoriously

I remember leaning to swim and holding onto my father’s shoulders when going to the deep end. The Good News is that when it’s hard to keep our heads above water in life, we have our heavenly Father’s shoulders to hold onto.

God is alive and Psalm 93 is a poem expressing praise to God for the qualities of his nature. He is majestic, powerful, and eternal. The flood of problems and confusions of the world make it hard to keep our heads above the water but the holiness of Christ’s kingdom keeps us afloat and headed to the finish victoriously.

God has turned our major problem into the greatest solution through Jesus Christ. This Day with Him will be amazing because we can go in prayer and speak to the ONE who already has the answer. Let us declare our praise and thanksgiving because we can look at every problem as an opportunity.

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4 Responses to Headed To The Finish Victoriously

  1. StephenWhoElse says:



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  3. Mark
    Wonderful post. It always amazes Bill and I that the Father put us in Christ so that no matter how challenging the situation, we are always guarenteed the victory. Blessings to you.


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