Completing Projects Together

In order to succeed in any project that brings positive change, the desire to finish has to be greater than the fear brought on by those trying to stop it. As we journey into Nehemiah 6, those against the project of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem were determined to hinder its completion so they thought of schemes to intimidate Nehemiah. Fear has an effect on our ability to complete the responsibilities God gives us. Those against us will try to discredit but we must continue the good work. When we are tempted to fall into the traps set by enemies, we should lift our heart to Heaven in a short prayer. God will give discernment, keep us on track, and help us stand together until completion. I found a video with this idea in mind called We Will Stand by Russ Taff.

Reflect on today’s passage. What character traits can we develop to defeat the temptations set before us? Pray for protection from those against the church and the traps they set.

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