Leading a Life That Matters – Matthew 26:1-16

Leading a life that matters means being involved in something bigger than life itself and can be obtained by concentrating on the things of God until they become a magnificent obsession. Faith grows with each new day because the yesterdays build into brighter tomorrows and the future is in His hands.

To set up the time frame of   Matthew 26:1-16, The Passover is two days away and Jesus continues to teach His disciples how to live a life that matters. Jesus predicts his Crucifixion and we read that the elders were plotting to arrest Jesus.

While Jesus was at the home of Simon the Leper in Bethany, a woman came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume which she poured on his head. The disciples were angry because they thought this to be a waste because the perfume could be sold at a high price and the money given to the poor. Jesus explained that the poor will continue to be around thus giving opportunities to provide for them and store up treasures in heaven. Jesus explained that the woman had her priorities right; that his physical body will be around for a short time now and she was preparing his body for burial.

The woman led a life that matters because she concentrated on the things of God and knew her future was in His hands.  My Pastor Steve Ramsdell said in a sermon once that if the things of God are your treasure, then you have all things. What drives you toward God? Why do we not ask God more often for help? Think of the possibilities if we went to Him more.

This day with God is amazing because we have an efficient and effective way to meet with Him. In prayer, we can ask for help in understanding the unseen, the eternal, and the supernatural. We can invest in people by making the wisdom of God known to them. Here’s a video to inspire leading a life that matters: Magnificent Obsession – Steven Curtis Chapman.

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