Practicing What One Preaches – Matthew 23:1-28

The scribes and Pharisees didn’t practice what they preached in Matthew 23:1-28. On the outside, they looked great because of what they wore and the places they went. But on the inside, they were full of greed, self-indulgence, and hypocrisy. They put unobtainable requirements before the people and were enemies to the gospel of Christ thus preventing salvation of souls. They practiced the parts of God’s law that was easy for them to obtain but neglected the more important matters like justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

It’s how we live each and every day that matters. Like an eagle in the sky, we spread our wings of faith and soar in life by meshing how we live with what we believe. Jesus teaches how to integrate our faith with our lifestyle. Here’s a video that inspires this way of living: How You Live – Point of Grace.

This day with God, I’m praying for humility and for taking action on what I advocate. Each day can be amazing because of the power of prayer which allows us to speak to the ONE who already has the answer.

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