The Cross is God’s Plus Sign to Us – Ezekiel 33

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When working toward the solution of a problem, it would always help to already know the answer. For Christians, there is an answer; found in Christ. Friends share secrets and Jesus is our friend so we should get in the habit of thinking about what He would do and talking to Him in prayer as we go throughout the day. As demonstrated in Ezekiel 33, boldness can be gained because of faith in God’s guidance. We can gain this faith by listening for the right way to live from God’s Word, from sermons, from a mentor, or friend.

A good place to listen for the right way to live is by gathering with other Christians and sharing ideas. One point I remember from a message given by my Pastor, Steve Ramsdell is that the cross is a plus sign from God. Our mission is clear and that is to tell others about this plus sign.

An important part of knowing the right way to live is to go to the Lord in prayer and asking for guidance; listening and following. Remember two thoughts. The first is that prayer is our greatest power; the second is that no matter what happens in life, God loves you and that is all that matters. Try this today. Click on this piano piece: In The Garden: Norm Hastings, Piano and while listening, reflect on today’s reading. What lesson is God teaching? Think about what you may pray for today. Is there a plan of action God is giving you today?

First comes reading God’s Word, then thought about lessons learned; then plans are developed and action is taken with outstanding execution using the experience gained from lessons learned. The beginning, as you will observe, is reading God’s Word.

As we pray this day with God, let us put an emphasis on listening for guidance and thinking about ways to put this guidance into practice.

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1 Response to The Cross is God’s Plus Sign to Us – Ezekiel 33

  1. Neat title. There are a lot of scriptures that can show the idea.


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