Psalm 83

In Psalm 83, the psalmist is calling for help because of the unjust treatment of God’s people. The ultimate reason the psalmist wants God to come down on the opposition is to make them realize His power and convey to them the need to worship Him as the only true God. 

In present times, it is not people that we need to go to war with but sin. We need to get mean and prepare to defeat this enemy of our soul. Take a look at this pep talk video below or at this link:  Make War – John Piper.

The little things add up and cause the most harm. Look out for those things at war on the inside like pride, envy, greed, and the constant need for approval from others. Make war against these enemies and ask God for help in rooting out these things that pollute the Spirit.

The war continues for 2012 but God will ultimately triumph. We all are involved in this war and there is a need for all friends of the church to unite. This day with God, pray that we do unite so amazing things can happen and the war can be won.

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